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Our Products

Full product and price list are available to send out upon request. Please see our range of offerings below. Don't hesitate to contact us if you like what you see.


Our speciality lies in supplying high quality, hand selected fruit and vegetables. We have an on-growing focus on sustainability, working closely with U.K farms to obtain the best homegrown produce whenever seasonably possible.



Offering delicious fruits all year round, with a heavy focus on seasonality for optimum flavour and ripeness.


Italian Offerings

Our Italian supplier imports the most wonderful Italian produce on a daily basis. As well as fresh produce, the Italian Burrata & Mozerella Cheeses are of exceptional quality.


Organic Fresh Produce

Produce can be selected from our trusted Organic supplier. Weekly price lists and availability can be sent out to our health conscious customers at a premium price.


Micro Herbs & Flowers

We have a full range of Micro Herbs and Flowers available. Vibrant colours and bold flavours are ideal for a decorative taste explosion to any dish. 

Our stockists include, Westlands, Nurtured in Norfolk, and Growing Underground.  Please contact us for availability and special requirements.


Pre Prepared Produce

Pre Prepared Produce is available to order. It is our job to ensure your specific prep demands are met. If you send in a picture or description of what you require, we will then make sure your prep is perfect for you on every order. 

Some of the most popular lines include, 

  • Fine Sliced Red Onions

  • Red Cabbage Coleslaw Mix

  • Peeled Agria Potatoes

  • Pont Neuf Thick Cut Chips

  • Sliced Mixed Peppers


Fresh Juices

From seasonal Blood Orange Juice to cold pressed Pineapple Juice, our sister company, 2-Juice makes our fresh Juice daily. No additives, no HPP, just 100% pure juice. So if you are looking for Lime Juice for your Cocktails or Valencia Orange Juice for your office staff to give them a kick start to the day, we have all areas covered. 

2 juice.jpg

Dry Store Goods

Get your Dry Store Goods and Kitchen Supplies from us. We have an extensive range of products available.

Send us a list of products you would like us to source and we will deliver them with your fresh produce. Save time and reduce your carbon footprint by ordering your Dry Store Products from us. 


Foraged Produce

Foraged produce is becomoing increasingly popular in the hospitality industry. We work with a network of foragers, who are out every day of the year foraging the British Isles. Please subscribe to receive the weekly avaibility and prices.


Frozen Produce

We have an vast range of Frozen Produce in our onsite freezer.

  • A full range of McCain products.

  • Frozen Fruits & Fruit Purees to offer a cheaper option to Smoothies and Desserts.

  • Peas, Soya Beans, Broad Beans, Sweetcorn, Button Onions 

  • Pastry, including Shortcrust, Puff, Filo.

Free Range Eggs

Our Free Range Eggs suppliers are Stokes Farm (Winkfield) and the award winning St Ewe (Cornwall). Both suppliers have been providing us with excellent quality Eggs for many years. 

You must try out the Premium St Ewe Rich Yolk Eggs, which boast a delightful rich Orange yolk!



We have a trusted Dairy supplier to provide us with the best quality products. Please contact us to see a full dairy price list that include a wonderful variety of Cheeses.

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