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How to become a customer

Follow the steps below and become part of the 2-Serve Family

Contact Us

Call or email Josh to begin with your account set up to discuss delivery days, timings, prices, approximate volumes, pre-orders and the overall service we can provide for your business. Schedule a face to face meet, for a personal introduction where we can also provide some seasonal samples!


Phone: 07845117918

If you are happy with proceeding, simply click on the link to download our Application for Credit Form. Fill out the details and have it ready to send back to us.

Send back completed Account Forms

Email back your completed Account Forms to

We will respond within 24-48 hours once all checks are complete. You will then receive a confirmation email once all your business details are verified and we will then open your account.

Place your Order

Once your account has been set up on our system, you can begin to place your orders with us.

How does our ordering system work?

You will receive an email with all the information you need to start placing your orders. Please see brief information below:

  • Place orders by Email or Phone

  • Cut off for next day delivery is 11.59pm

  • Minimum order is £45

  • Cut off time for second delivery 10am

  • Minimum order for second delivery £45

Can I place a special order?

Please contact u to discuss Pre-Orders or larger orders for events and we will be sure to meet your specific demands.

Become a Customer: FAQ
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