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About Us

2-Serve was founded in 2006 by David Watkins.

Prior to starting the company, David had over 20 years’ experience working in London's New Covent Garden Market. Working his way up from a warehouse packer to a warehouse manager, then a buyer for a well respected company,  David utilised his expertise in the field to start 2-Serve, suppling high quality, hand selected Fruit and Vegetables to the catering industry. David's first hand experience from working in New Covent Garden Market is what initially shaped the values of 2-Serve and these values are the driving force of the company to date. 

  • Quality

  • Communication

  • Service 

  • Price

Day to day operations are run by David, his Wife (Pamela) and sons (Archie & Josh) who all have a hands on approach in making this family business succeed. As a close family unit, all areas of work are covered and an extra duty of care is applied into our business at every level possible. From hiring the right staff (who take pride in packing our produce), to selecting the right UK farms to buy our produce from, there is care and passion at every level 2-Serve operates. Whilst David and Archie are busy buying and ensuring only First Class produce is send out from our warehouse, Josh is on hand to communicate with our customers & chefs to ensure the right amount of information is transferred to make their jobs easier. The communication of market news plays a vital part in keeping our customers up to date with information on seasonality, produce, prices and availability. 

We provide a personal responsive service from our Central London base in New Covent Garden Market. Being in this central London hub, we ensure that all our customers get a fast and responsive service. Pamela and her team of dedicated office staff manage the admin side of the business to make sure every customers requests and demands are sorted out quickly and efficiently. Understanding each customers requirements is what sets us apart from the much larger co-operations that may lose the personal touch that we possess. Whilst continuously growing, we are active in understanding each customers special requirements. From meeting the important delivery time slot, to removing all plastic packaging from your order, we can have all areas covered for you. 

Our passion for fresh produce is continuously growing. Although our speciality lies in supplying fruit and vegetables, we have the capability to offer a wide range of products, as seen on our Products page. 

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